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ETC Africa's Approach to Carbon Footprint Management
Regardless of where you stand on the climate change debate, your carbon footprint is arguably one of the most quantifiable sustainability metrics available to your business. It's a number businesses simply have to know in today's rapidly changing world. However, the challenge lies in the fact that very few people possess a meaningful reference point for interpreting what a tonne of CO2e truly represents. This knowledge gap is what motivates us to advocate for a meaningful and straightforward approach to managing your carbon footprint. Helping you avoid unintentional greenwashing, transparently communicate around climate change and greenhouse gas emissions with your clients, investors, staff and stakeholders.

Tourism is good

Why carbon footprint management is so important in the tourism industry

Often, travellers also lack a clear understanding of the impact of their emissions or what constitutes an acceptable "carbon footprint." This is precisely why we've developed our Tourism For Good Programme. Our aim is to provide your business with valuable insights into carbon emissions while emphasizing the positive aspects of travel and ecotourism. We empower your guests by illustrating how their journeys can genuinely benefit the planet and where they can personally make a positive impact that outweighs the carbon emissions of their flights.

Benchmark Yourself

Know your carbon footprint allows you to benchmark your performance, be more efficient, save on costs and find better ways of doing things.

Per Bednight Emissions

Understanding this number is crucial for the tourism industry and easily allows you to offset the impact of your guests.

Transparent Marketing

Few people have a useful reference point for what a tonne of carbon is. We help make your communications transparent and meaningful


ETC Africa's Impact

Our Project Reach & Experience
  • 120+ Greenhouse Gas Inventories Completed
  • 50+ Tourism-Related Carbon Footprint Assessments
  • 25 Years Experience In Conservation & Sustainability
  • 95+ Rural Entrepreneurs Supported On Our Projects

Travel is Good

We Are Passionate ABout The Fact That The Good of Ecotourism Outweighs The Carbon Footprint of Travel