About US

About Us

ETC Africa has over 25 years of experience in sustainability, ecotourism, conservation and greenhouse gas reporting, we have completed over 120 Greenhouse Gas Inventories for companies ranging from small non-profits to SMMEs and multi-nationals. We believe in a pragmatic approach to climate change and managing your carbon footprint, working with you to find innovative and meaningful ways to communicate about and manage your carbon footprint. 

Our approach includes: 

Transparency: Communicating your carbon footprint meaningfully, most people have no reference points for what tonne of CO2e is. It's not the number that most people care about, it's about what you're doing about it and how you communicate it. We believe that people appreciate transparent honesty rather than virtue signalling and greenwashing. 

Understanding the complexity: Climate change, greenhouse gasses, carbon offsets, and carbon trading, are all complex issues and we don't believe in a single solution. We believe in being pragmatic, the world we live in is complex. Regardless of where you stand on the climate change debate, we understand the complexities of both sides and the need for solutions that are more meaningful for your business and our planet. 

About Us

Founded in 2008.

Headed up by Duncan Pritchard, the ETC-Africa team collectively has over 30 years of experience in sustainability planning, carbon footprint management, ecotourism and tourism route development across South Africa and globally. With experience ranging from working with NGOs and multi-national corporations to SMMEs and local community groups. ETC-Africa has worked throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and led projects as far afield as Mexico, Canada, Australia, Madagascar and the United States


Experience includes

Finalist in the Smithsonian Institute Sustainable Tourism Awards | Founder of Unearthed Academy for Social Enterprise | Past member KZN Climate Change Council | Past Chairman Zululand Chamber of Commerce and Industry | TED-X Speaker |

Our clients include: 

ETC Africa | Carbon Footprint Consultants | Durban | Ballito | Cape Town | Gauteng 

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