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Our ClimatePositive Journeys are rooted in a commitment to reframing the narrative around long-haul travel emissions by highlighting the substantial benefits of ecotourism in Africa, particularly around a focus on climate adaptation (rather than carbon offsetting) and inspiring tourists to be better, more conscientious citizens of planet earth. 

We firmly advocate that ecotourism, coupled with immersive experiences in nature, serves not only as a tool for change but also as a catalyst and a wellspring of inspiration. We contend that tourists possess the potential to effect far-reaching impact not merely through the conventional method of offsetting their holidays, but rather by drawing inspiration to actively manage their own carbon footprints and make sustainable lifestyle choices. This transformative experience empowers them to become positive influencers within their spheres of influence at home and work, amplifying the ripple effect of environmental consciousness beyond their immediate travel experiences.

Rather than measuring just the impact of ecotourism, let's measure the impact ecotourism makes on people's lives beyond their holidays. Let's create a space where the principles of climate change and measuring the carbon footprint of a tourism experience are meaningful, educational, inspiring and go beyond the numbers. Let's get tourism focused on the real issues and making a real impact. 

“In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught.”


Our ClimatePositive Journey's Members are clients who agree to our principles for inspiring, educating and committing to transparent reporting of their carbon footprints in a meaningful and relevant way. Members receive access to a range of support, training and resources for the year of your carbon footprint assessment to help make this happen. 

Transparent Reporting

Communicate your carbon footprint against our internal scoring system with full transparency - this includes a clear explanation of your per bed night emissions and relay information in a way that is meaningful to your guests. We assist you with this process and work with your team to find the best way of communicating your impact.

Climate Change Awareness

Creating awareness around climate change, and ensuring your guides and staff can communicate clearly on topics of climate change and your carbon footprint is an important tool to ensure doing better gets entrenched in your business. We want your business to be a catalyst for creating awareness! Our clients have access to free training and support for staff training.

Support community tourism

Ecotourism is a recognised climate change adaptation tool, we believe that adaptation needs as much attention as mitigation. Supporting community tourism projects, local guides or even just providing workplace experience for one of our community-based tourism entrepreneurs can make a massive positive impact. We want you to help us create more resilient communities and a thriving local tourism market around destinations.

Inspiring Change

We believe that your guest experience should help inspire tourists to go home and become better citizens of planet Earth. The best way tourists can offset the impact of long-haul travel is to go home and be better people and live more sustainable lives. Their time in nature should help create conservationists who care about and understand the issues!


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