Our Approach & How We Can Help

Our Approach & How We Can Help

ETC-Africa are certified Carbon Footprint analysts with over 100 Greenhouse Gas Inventories under our belts. We work with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard (arguably one of the most widely used and recognised standards for carbon footprint reporting in the world) ensuring our work is undertaken at a globally recognised standard. For the tourism industry, we also incorporate the World Tourism Organization's guidelines, methodologies and tools for greenhouse gas reporting. 

Our reports go beyond technical analysis, incorporating layman's explanations of key outcomes, we try hard to keep things simple and seamless. We emphasize relevant reporting area that facilitates quantifiable sustainability outcomes, seamlessly integrating carbon emissions data into social investment projects, public relations, and operational opportunities. We want to be able to make a practical difference to businesses!

Our approach takes into consideration your business goals and priorities, offering recommendations and tools for managing data gaps and improving efficiency over time. We work hard to ensure this is not an overly complex process and keep it simple! 

We also provide training and work with support for staff on your carbon footprint management, data collection, applying emissions factors, and calculating CO2e, ensuring everyone from your marketing team to your guides who may be dealing with your guests are able to communicate clearly around climate change and your carbon footprint.


The Key Steps We Take With Tourism Businesses 

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Understanding Your Opertaions

Our first stop after signing up is an online workshop session with your team to ensure that we understand your business and you understand the process. 

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Calculate Your Baseline 

We then move to a process of calculating your baseline emissions, this is your first full year carbon footprint against which future progress can be compared. 

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Calculating Per Bed Night / Per Pax

Once we know your baseline carbon footprint we calculate your per guest / per bed night emissions. A critical number for benchmarking and communicating to tourists. 

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Projects & Offsets

Now that we know yor baseline and per bednight emissions we can help develop projects and initaives to help bring your per bednight emissions down to an agreed target over time and integrate this into the guest experinece. The opporunities here are endless. 

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Tell Your Story

We work with your communications team, management and even your guides to find valuable stories to tell around your carbon footprint in order to support your marketing efforts. Making sure everyone from guides to senior management can communicate around carbon and climate change issues effecrively. 


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