ETC-Africa are accredited Carbon Footprint analysts, registered with the South African Carbon Protocol. Our core competencies are around developing Baseline Greenhouse Gas Inventories, managing your Carbon Footprint and advising on the recently introduced Carbon Tax Act 

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Our approach to carbon footprint management is focused on:

  • Providing clear, understandable reporting that can be understood by management and staff at all levels, allowing for more valuable and practical outcomes. Our reports include a technical analysis but also include softer explanations of key outcomes in layman’s terms.
  • Relevant reporting that allows for quantifiable sustainability outcomes related to carbon emissions that can be integrated in a meaningful way into social investment projects, public relations opportunities as well as operational and administrative opportunities.
  • Reporting that can make a practical difference to your business. Virtually every source of carbon emissions has a cost associated with it. If a carbon footprint audit can not make a difference at some level to each sector of your operations, then we believe it is not being reported effectively or not being used properly. Understanding your emissions makes business sense.
    Relevant reporting that takes into consideration your business needs, goals and priorities. This will be central to our planning and approach to carbon footprint management and downstream recommendations.
  • Recommendations and essential tools for managing data gaps as well as improving efficiency over time and ongoing reporting.
  • Supporting policies and procedures that makes ongoing reporting simple and understandable by staff and management. Ensuring buy-in into the journey is widely regarded as a critical success factor.
  • Ensuring you can benchmark yourself against best practice and your peers, allowing you to set clear targets and goals for carbon emissions reductions over time.
  • Training for staff on data management, applying emissions factors and calculating CO2e - ensuring a clear understanding of the processes and internal skills to manage carbon emissions going forward.



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