ETC-Africa has (arguably) one of the most experienced teams in the world when it comes to Tourism Route Development as a tool for effectively linking social upliftment and bio-diversity conservation.

ETC-Africa subscribes to the principles of Eco-Tourism and we are full professional members of the International Ecotourism Society and members of the Sustainable Tourism Network.

As tourism consultants, ETC-Africa's belief is that our natural resources provide an extremely valuable resource for those in the tourism sector - our approach is to ensure that these resources are maximized and sustainable. ETC-Africa has one of the world's most experienced teams when it comes to tourism consulting and tourism route development, especially with regards to creating socio-economic benefits from tourism in rural communities through the cooperative approach of tourism routes. 

ETC-Africa worked as tourism consultants on developing tourism routes as far afield as Australia, Canada, Mexico and across East and Southern Africa.

Our services offered in the tourism sector include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Tourism association strategic support and development
  • Strategic ecotourism planning at a project or regional level
  • Project management and implementation agents
  • Tourism concept development
  • Regional marketing planning
  • Activities planning and development (Trails, bird lists etc…)
  • Marketing and strategic planning
  • Tourism product development
  • Responsible Tourism
  • Tourism Route development and management
  • Afro-Eco-Tourism Development, Operations and Management Advisory Services
  • Eco-Tourism and Hospitality Operational Management Advisory Services
  • Eco-Tourism and Hospitality Skills Training and Development Advisory Services
  • Eco-Tourism and Hospitality Marketing & Sales Management Advisory Services
  • Adventure-Tourism Development, Operations and Management Advisory Services
  • Game Ranch Planning, Development, Operational Management Advisory Services
  • Wildlife Management Advisory Services

Our philosophy as tourism consultants is closely linked to providing services that are action-orientated – we don’t produce unreadable technical documents. Projects that we get involved in and our advice is always relevant and practical. We take a highly consultative approach, recognizing the important need for input and involvement of stakeholders at all levels. We encourage you to consider using us to not only do your planning but also to manage the rollout process. Our team includes industry operations professionals with 35 years of experience in over 13 countries. 

Recent projects completed include

  • Business planning and project management for KwaBulawayo Cultural Centre 
  • Feasibility study into the development of ecotourism product in the Lualaba Province, Democratic Republic Of Congo
  • Product development and strategic planning for the Wilderness Leadership School, one of South Africa's oldest trails operations. 
  • Establishing Tidal Tao Snorkeling Safaris and The Tidal Tao Foundation. Tidal Tao has grown into one of the most popular and five star rated activities on Trip Advisor in just over a year.
  • Marketing and Product development for the Durban Green Corridor, a flagship ecotourism and community conservation model for urban areas.
  • Development of an Avitourism Strategy for Rwanda
  • Development of a Volunteer Tourism Package and Business Plan for Rugezi Marsh, Rwanda
  • Linking Flyways and related San Blas Birding Route in Mexico
  • Establishment of the Zululand Heritage Route, Route 66
  • Strategic Tourism Planning for Zululand District 
  • Nxuarhuni Adventure Park Feasibility Study 
  • Nhlalwenhle Estate Business Planning 
  • Review of National Avitourism Strategic Plan, Rwanda

Our in-house marketing, web design and significant global experience allow us to look at tourism, whether a small SMME or major project from concept to market. 

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