For the business community the best question is whether we can be certain that climate change presents a substantial risk, a risk that will have a profound impact on society and the economy? To this the answer is clearly "YES".

Our planet is surrounded by a blanket of gases which keeps the surface of the earth warm and able to sustain life. This blanket is getting thicker, trapping in heat as we release greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels for, amongst other things, energy. By trapping more of the sun’s heat the earth’s temperature is starting to rise. This phenomenon is known as Global Warming / Climate Change.

Scientific research indicates that, because of climate change, we may experience more intense and more frequent extreme weather events, major implications for ecosystems, growing seasons, animals and their delicate habitats...and that includes us.

Why is CLIMATE CHANGE so important?
Almost everyone seems to agree that climate change is the most important environmental issue facing our generation. An issue that could do significant damage to our planet and make life extremely difficult for future generations, matched with massive population growth and severely depleted food-stocks, the world is not on a sustainable path.

If Earth is still our only home, and it still definitely is, then we should do everything that is in our power to ensure this home would be kind to our future generations as it was kind to us.

I'm asking you how much money will world lose if climate change shows it scary face in form of sea level rise, hurricanes, new diseases, drought and flooding? It will definitely be more than hundreds of billions of rands, just ask any Australian that has just been through the hottest summer on record, the biggest floods on record and the most destructive wild fires on record?

What I'm trying to get at is if we start with one small step and manage our Carbon Footprint, we will not just make our business more efficient but make the world, our home a better place for ourselves and future generations. It makes business sense but more importantly, it's a moral obligation!

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